Jaclyn & Bobby Wedding Highlight - A Match Made in Heaven

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It's not everyday that a couple comes in and you're floored. One, the first thing they said was that they are devout Catholics and nothing else is important. Second, Jaclyn (Jackie) looks like a model and Bobby looks like a fit and better looking Russell Crowe! Yea, we knew you were thinking that from the get go. As soon as we met them, we were super excited and couldn't wait to go out there and film their wedding!

Wedding day has arrived and we've seen such a calm bride! Not even a inkling of nervousness showed! Jaclyn (Jackie) just calmly had a bite to eat and just chatted away with her bridesmaids. We think she deserves the Calmest Bride of 2013 award! Bobby was the same way as well! These two just blew our minds!

One thing that definitely made our whole crew almost, ALMOST shed a tear was when Jaclyn (Jackie) was walking down the aisle. All the guests turned their attention to Jaclyn (Jackie) but we had a glimpse of Bobby and... WOW! Bobby couldn't hold back his tears as his beautiful bride was walking down the aisle! Throughout their worship wedding ceremony their hands were completely locked with each other and tears of joy were flowing! Despite the little but hilarious hiccup Bobby had (you'll see it within the first 30 seconds of their wedding film) during the wedding ceremony, everything went super smoothly!

Jaclyn (Jackie) and Bobby's beautiful reception was held in a hidden gem in Fullerton called The Historic Fullerton Ballroom! This place was absolutely beautiful, of course not as much as Jaclyn (Jackie) and Bobby! They had a surprise first dance/wedding party dance planned out and it couldn't have been any better! The whole wedding party joined in and that set the stage for a beautiful and fun wedding reception!

On a side note, did we tell you guys that Jaclyn (Jackie) is a Catholic Worship leader? We just had to purchase all her songs on iTunes and it's a pleasure listening to her all the time!

Jaclyn (Jackie) and Bobby, thank you so much for selecting us to be a part of your beautiful wedding and we wish nothing but the best for you two!

Jaclyn & Bobby Ingredients
Cinematography : Cloud 9 Cinematography
Wedding Coordinator: Bonny Nguyen
Photographer: Kristen Rogers Photography
Makeup Artist: Jaclyn (Jackie) Francois (the bride!)
DJ and/or Band: Thomby Sison
Venue: St. Peter Chanel Catholic Church & The Historic Fullerton Ballroom
Music Licensed from: Songfreedom.com

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