Watch This Before You See It Chapter Two

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Stephen King's It is a wildly ambitious story, and there are plenty of details you may not be aware of, or things you've simply forgotten about the first installment. Here's a look at everything you need to know before seeing It: Chapter Two.

At the end of It, the kids cut their hands and swear a blood oath to one another, promising to return to Derry if the creature ever returns. 

It Chapter Two sees that blood oath realized, as the creature commonly known as Pennywise the Dancing Clown does indeed resurface after 27 years. 

When It returns, the Losers Club is scattered across the United States, with its members all leading very different lives. In the book, Bill Denbrough has become a bestselling suspense novelist. Ben Hanscom is a successful architect living in Nebraska. Richie Tozier is a DJ in Los Angeles. Eddie Kaspbrak runs a limousine company in New York City. Stanley Uris is a partner at an accounting firm in Atlanta. Beverly Marsh is a successful fashion designer living in Chicago and married to an abusive husband. 

Though most of the Losers Club moved away from Derry, one member stayed behind: Mike Hanlon, the orphan boy whose family's history is deeply tied to the violence and hatred brought on by Pennywise.

Since Mike stayed in Derry, he sacrificed his own potential, because the creature's supernatural influence acts as a kind of suppressant.  Make sure you watch this before you see It Chapter Two!

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All grown up | 0:19
The one who stayed behind | 1:07
New Enemies | 1:52
An infamous scene | 2:34 
Prepare for a 'darker' film | 3:11 
Prepare for lots of blood | 3:57