(Marvel) Thor | What More Could I Lose ?

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"Well, if I'm wrong, then... what more could I lose?"


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First of all, a HUGE thank you again for the 13,000 subscribers we reached few days ago. I'm more than happy, thank you all and this is my gift for you. 

This video was a real challenge for me but I guess now I'm glad with the result, and I hope all of you will enjoy it. Thanks for all the kind words and support I received lately. You guys really make me happy. 
Important thing to say Is that I created a Discord, to be able to communicate more with all of you. There's already a bunch of fantastic people in there and I'll be really glad to have you guys there : https://discord.gg/fQnErxW

This video is also a particular gift for my dear friend Nate. He's such an awesome personn and a truly talented guy. I hope you will like the gift, brother. https://www.youtube.com/user/Ghost3221

Awesome people : King T'Challa, Boo! Love you guys :) 

Thank you everyone ! 


Vidder: Merwan
Fandom: Marvel
Music: Audiomachine - I Will Find You
Music 2: Audiomachine - The Second Hand Ticks
Coloring: mine
Program: Sony Vegas 15
Warnings: Spoilers for the whole movie!


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