Eco Friendly Architects in Bangalore

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Tropic Responses was co-founded by Shwetha Bhat and Sanjay Jain. M, in 2011, Bangalore, India. Since 2015, Sanjay Jain has been heading the firm and his team is working on a mix of Architectural, Interior & Furniture Design projects.

The integration of climate data is a driving factor in the design of new buildings, as well as in the renovation of existing buildings. Tropic Responses is on the leading edge of architecture firms practicing climate responsive design, resulting in an integrated and efficient approach to designing resilient structures. Just as flora and fauna adapt to their surroundings and create sustaining ecosystems, we too are designing buildings that respond to their climate and are living rather than consuming.

Tropic' instantaneously relates to 'Sun'. The Sun being the source of life, influences the living environment and dictates design. It could be design to provide for comfortable heating in the winter, cooling in the summer, daylight all year along, architecture is overwhelmingly 'Sun-centric'. The Sun dominates as the primary parameter for design consideration along with the other elements like Humanities, Science, Art and Technology. A 'well thought response' to all primary elements is what 'TROPIC RESPONSES' is all about.

Eco Friendly Architects in Bangalore

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