Storytime | I Removed My Own Mole!

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Please Read Me!!

Yes that's right i did remove my own mole! Before I start explaining I just want people to be aware I am NOT a skin therapist, dermatologist or a Doctor, i removed my mole through my own choices and decisions, so whether you decide to do the same it should be through your own choices and decisions. 

So long story short, I used apple cider vinegar to remove my mole, like a silly woman haha, at the time I just wanted it gone, so i applied apple cider vinegar to my mole by soaking the vinegar in cotton wool and then placing it on to my mole using masking tape to hold it in place. I would change this every night and applied vaseline around the mole to try and prevent burning from the vinegar on my skin. I done this for 2 to 3 nights until my mole went black like a scab and then was bad a picked it off, I DO NOT RECOMMEND PICKING YOUR MOLE OFF WHEN IT HAS GONE LIKE A SCAB, just let it fall off naturally like in the shower, this did make the area bleed for a little bit but then once the bleeding stopped i was left with a small crater in my face. The healing process to 2 to 3 weeks and i used vaseline, bepanthen cream, bio oil and regen cream to help with the healing. It's now been 3 years and no mole growth at all. I do recommend you go to a gp (doctor) if you want to remove a mole as it is something that needs to be done surgically, but like i said if you choose to do it the way i done it then you do it through your own choice.

If you want to find the video where i done my mole removal go to this video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzQyb99aKBk

Apart from that lengthy paragraph i hope you are all keeping well, stay tuned as i have some videos lined up for you that i can't wait to share! 

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