How to Get Rid of Skin Tags - The Two Best Methods

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How to Get Rid of Skin Tags
Skin tags can, initially, be extremely frightening for someone that happens upon one. While it can be difficult to shrug it off as just an extra piece of skin, this is pretty much exactly what it is. Skin tags are, for all intents and purposes, benign tumors that find their way onto different parts of a human being's body.

They are simply representative of excessive skin cell growth in one particular area and are not representative of any serious disease or health concern. However, they can be very aesthetically unpleasing to look at. There are various ways that a person can have a skin tag removed without dealing with a lot of pain and discomfort.
How to Get Rid of Skin Tags
In terms of the ease of removal, there is no better way to remove a skin tag than to cut it off with either a pair of scissors or a fingernail clipper. You want to make sure to get as close to the healthy skin as possible without damaging it. The tag should come off relatively easily, as it is simply attached by another thin piece of skin. You want to make sure, however, that the utensils used in the removal process are thoroughly sterilized.
How to Get Rid of Skin Tags
Doing so ensures that infections will not become an issue if there is an open wound where the skin tag used to be. Taking the tags off in this manner has also been known to be painful, so icing down the area prior to removal is always a good idea to reduce the initial amount of pain endured.

You can also use the technique of freezing your skin tags off with liquid nitrogen. This type of procedure is usually utilized to remove warts on a person's body and can be very effective when used to get rid of these unsightly blemishes.
How to Get Rid of Skin Tags
This method is not usually associated with much in the way of pain, so it is a preferred method of those not willing to risk the discomfort of other removal methods. It should be noted that using liquid nitrogen can be very harmful to the skin if it is applied too frequently. Sticking with an application once or twice per week should be sufficient enough to remove the tag from the skin.

Other methods such as cutting off the blood supply to the growth or having a dermatologist remove them are also available to those who are not comfortable removing them. Great caution needs to be taken whatever route you decide to go in because skin tags can be easily irritated and cause a great deal of discomfort if prolonged rubbing or picking of the tag occurs. By whatever means you choose to get one removed, skin tags should not be looked at as dangerous bodily growths that could ultimately lead to problems down the line.  By Maggie Southland.  

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