Guy raps to ex - Letting go (Lyrics-description) IG: @Daddysofficial

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This is the raw footage of "Letting Go". All the emotion seen in this video is real. Posted right after a break up . Soon a official high quality full version song will n uploaded via. YouTube and Sound cloud. Hit the like drop some comments and Follow my journey 

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Beat : https://youtu.be/OwnG-lyuVe0

Sometimes ....
If you love someone you gotta let them go 
Yeah that's what she wrote over the phone
If I can do that...... I really don't know
But won't text you No More no hitting your phone 
Ill leave you alone
You living your life , thoughts of a wife 
So many things but now you are gone and talks of a ring and our Wildest dreams 
And everything we said we'd be
Everything we said we'd stand for 
Feeling empty 
Share my feelings 
Not burying Em deep 
That you taught me 
Take them off of the shelf
And I look at myself
And I'm asking some things  
You mean more than my dreams 
And all of my songs 
Why'd you do wrong look at youuuu 
You writing these songs once again 
Less then barely even friends
Nothing has changed but she has changed lanes 
So really it has 
Ain't nothing the same 
You needa move on
You need to let go 
You need a new one 
You know it ain't hard
Text you some hoes 
start playing your cards 
And then hey all fold
then they are yours 
They asking all night 
Can I be yours but telling them no 
I am still yours 
Though you ain't mine 
would of gave you my life 
All of my time
But I guess you were right .....
If you love someone you gotta let them go
But it's hard to do that since you came in my life 
I'm a new mold 
no longer the old 
Sending mixed signals 
more complex then morse code
Deciffer rhyme
Deciffer   the code 
The things that she said 
And the things that she wrote 
My feelings for you can't ever control 

I ain't no drake and I ain't no Cole 
but I know this pain and this pain feel cold
These late night fights they all getting old 
I guess you were right I gotta let go 

    ...... Sometimes if you love someone all you gotta do is let them go